Anar Alizade

Anar Alizade is a known and successful entrepreneur in Azerbaijan. From 2000 onwards, Mr Alizade has been successfully involved in businesses as diverse as transport, housing development, oil & gas equipment trading and electronics – both in Azerbaijan and internationally. His companies are well known and his core company, Union Grand Energy PTE Ltd, is registered in Singapore – one of the world’s most open and transparent locations for doing business – with its representative office in Azerbaijan. Mr Alizade runs all his businesses in accordance with Azerbaijani laws as well as with the requirements of international legal standards. He fully discloses income earned outside Azerbaijan and pays income tax applicable to his global revenues in Azerbaijan.

Mr Alizade explains his personal history and business enterprises through his interviews with Business Time and Azeri Daily – which have been newly re-published in Oil & Gas Journal as well as Energy Business Review. Information about Mr Alizade can also be found on his website.
SOCAR has entered into partnerships with Mr Alizade as a result of his business accomplishments and his extensive international contacts and experience. SOCAR has enjoyed business relations with Mr Alizade since early 2000-s. Furthermore, as Mr Alizade is an Azerbaijani national, SOCAR ensures that it can fulfil the State mandate to maximise Azeri goods and services and boost local businesses.

Mr Alizade has no familial relations with past or current powerful officials of SOCAR. He has proven over time to be a reliable and successful business partner.